The life of an entrepreneur

Yes, there is immense and continuous learning. Yes, it is exciting. Yes, I am my own boss. Yes, I work with with a great team and we pull pranks on each other. But, like everything, there are downsides. To me, all of them stem from one simple fact: there is no unplugging. I am eating, breathing, sleeping my business. From the minute I wake up, I check emails, assess progress, discuss strategy, go to meetings (investors and clients), set goals & timelines, discuss features, read up on technology, manage people – the list is endless. What does this busy schedule entail:
1) I love to read and be up to date on things happening in the smaller and bigger world around me. Even when I was in grad school, I found the time to read up on various newspapers and periodicals. Now, there is little time for that. A couple of months ago a guy friend of mine posted on facebook, “will you marry me now?”. I have known him to be one that cracks jokes; but in this case I didn’t get the fact that his comment was in response to Obama giving a speech supporting same sex marriage. So much for keeping up with the world around me.
2) I have little time for leisure. I’ve always been a movie and tv buff, and have spent time analyzing the intricacies of sports teams and players. Few things get me excited as a good screenplay, of the like of Good Will Hunting, or a really well made TV series such as Mad Men. I haven’t watched a movie in over two months. I have only watched the first two episodes of the latest Mad Men and have been completely oblivious to the new (apparently great) shows that have premiered on television this season. If I tried really hard, I might come up with 7 members (if I get lucky) of my beloved Boston Red Sox. You might think it is because I live in India. But last year, even with a busy job with the Indian government, I had more than enough time to be up to speed on everything.
Moreover, I don’t work out on a regular basis as I used to and often sleep only 5-6 hours a night. I am perpetually tired from the lack of sleep and the lack of endorphins from the dearth of exercise.
3) I have little time for relationships of any kind. I have the, what seems like the obligatory, once every two days conversation with my parents, and the once every week or bimonthly conversation with my siblings. I rarely talk to people I consider my closest friends. Even when the conversation happens, it is often the brief gchat or the quick phone call. The conversations are very factual and I feel like I don’t connect deeply with some of the people who are closest to me. More than anything else, I hope this changes soon.
4) Lastly, almost  every interaction and thought I have these days seem business-like and transactional. Whenever, I come across a new idea, object, phenomenon, I find myself starting to analyze it from a business perspective. I often fail to appreciate the beauty in things even to the little extent I used to. Moreover, during every interaction I have these days, I have this nagging thought that the conversation is just a conduit for the other person to get something from me and and for me to get something in return for I am giving. Is this all really what we humans are supposed to be?
I don’t know if all this is worth it. And, I am not sure if this lack of balance is sustainable. I hope I find out rather quickly…
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June 21 – longest day of the year

and, it was a long one for me – first, the train from kerala to bangalore was more than an hour late. then, indian railways gave me the run around at Bangalore City Railway Station to get my dad’s motorcycle, which I had shipped from Kerala. To make things worse, I found out soon after I got the bike that a number of lights were broken.

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get anymore exciting, I got into a fender bender – literally – on the way to my apt. An SUV hit my motorcycle, which then rammed into a parked SUV. The guy who hit me was soon signaled off the scene by the flash mob of locals who assembled. The driver of the SUV I hit demanded Rs. 1000. By luck and a clever bit of acting – pretending to be the poor student from kerala who had just moved to Bangalore, I got off the hook by just paying Rs. 300. They even helped fix the mud guard, which had bent inwards preventing the front wheel from moving. Good thing I hadn’t fixed the railway-broken lights already. Total cost of fixing those in the end – Rs. 200. Lesson learned: speaking only Malayalam, and especially not speaking any Hindi, while seeming to be an unfortunate soul can go a long way in Bangalore. And, never, ever, speak with an American accent in these situations…

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Ideal day at work

Today was one of those days – long, but satisfying:

  • did some SQLing in the morning to get some data ready for an upcoming conference
  • put together a presentation (based on some statistical analysis I had done over the last three weeks) for a meeting with the BIG boss tomorrow
  • coordinated with vendors to identify a bug in our test software and then put in a fix
  • helped out a colleague with some last minute data needs
  • and, finally worked on a strategy document for data management/retrieval practices for sub-entities
Now, only if I can find the time to finish the three blog posts I have been working on forever…
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Good times never..

Finally, a good night out in Bangalore – outdoor bar, no overpriced drinks, no Indian-on-Indian discrimination to get on the dance floor, and karaoke with Americans:

And, the cruel irony of seeing French people – the connoisseurs of good cuisine – eat frito lays sandwiches (on white American bread).


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Back in Beantown

5/27 – 6/5: To catch up with friends, lose my tan, walk down Killian Court, and be at Fenway

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motorcycle diary

Today, I woke up at 6 am and rode a motorcycle about 70 km for breakfast. It was pretty darn good to say the least:


After breakfast I turned around and rode another 60 km to Banneghatta National Park. While there, I went on a safari, and saw a few sights.


I wasn’t very hungry for lunch. So I had this..

   ..ALL of it, (well, most of it)

The ride was not too bad either. I went on multi-lane highways and unpaved roads.


And, back to the apartment (about 40 km) to do some work by 4:30.

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Seen this weekend

Which analogy is better for this – regular vs. service or white vs. colored?

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